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Here we have collected answers to frequently asked questions. Click on the question that interests you and the answer will appear. If you have a question that is not listed here, please feel free to ask us by clicking on the letter icon in the bottom left corner.

Yes there are a variety of prepaid card offers (cartes SIM prépayées in French)

Most mobile operators in France offer the “Mobile calls via wifi” feature. This allows you to receive and make mobile calls via your local wifi network in case mobile coverage is poor or non-existent.

To use the service, it must be activated in the mobile phone. If you have a mobile subscription with SFR/RED, you may also need to activate the “WiFi calls” service from “My pages”, the SFR & Moi application or by contacting the operator’s customer service.

Yes, most mobile operators offer eSIM

The mobile operators are constantly changing their offerings. At the time of writing, SFR, for example, is offering a data plan with unlimited data when in France. You pay a fixed fee per day you use it. The service is called “Internet Partout”.

In France there is a service called Bloctel. You find it at

It depends on many different things, so it is difficult to give a comprehensive answer. In general, it is similar to the rest of the EU in terms of agreements with telecom operators. However, one must of course inform oneself of the current rules at the time of purchase

A simple, and handy, way to find out is to look at the cable that connects the router to the “internet socket”. If the cable looks like an old-fashioned TV aerial cable, it’s coaxial. If the cable is instead a standard network cable or even thinner, the connection is probably fiber.

Several telecom operators offer so-called public wifi in public places in many towns and villages.

There are products that can be connected and configured to amplify this type of signal for indoor use. However, it is not a standard solution and therefore we ask you to contact us if you are interested in this type of solution.

From a security point of view, however, it is important to be aware that all traffic over public wifi is usually unprotected and can be intercepted and manipulated for malicious purposes. Internet access via a locally installed router from a telecom/internet operator offers good protection against this by including a so-called firewall.

They usually deliver different packages with a fixed range of channels. Most also offer the option to purchase additional channels and/or channel packages

ComExpert is a Swedish limited liability company. We can offer RUT deductions to Swedish citizens, according to Swedish Tax Agency rules. As it is a time-consuming process for us to administer RUT deductions, we offer this option for assignments of at least 3 hours.

Some TV boxes can be connected via wifi, which solves the problem. Otherwise, a so-called network extender can be used to route the signal over the mains from where the router is located to where the TV set is located. At ComExpert, we can assist both in finding out if your TV box can connect via Wi-Fi and in providing network extenders.

Absolutely. We design, build and maintain websites. For email and web hosting (where the website is physically located) we use a Swedish provider called Oderland

We can take care of the whole project with website and email, or just the parts you don’t want to handle yourself.

When it comes to satellite TV we recommend you contact a company who specializes in this older technique.