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We are ComExpert

At ComExpert, we provide you with the best possible communication tools. This can include getting efficient mobile telephony, PBX services, multi-country telephone numbers, fiber connections, camera surveillance and WiFi networks with perfect coverage. Both at home and in the office. We also specializing in website production to attract customers to your web. Whatever your needs, we’ll make sure you get a solution that really works. Because we also take responsibility for support, you can rely on us, both now and in the future.


Glenn Bonde Bergvall

Finding simple solutions to complex, technical problems and making things easier for individuals is something I’ve always been passionate about.

With long, broad and deep experience in IT and telecom, including technical support, product management, training and development, it is a pleasure to now be able to offer you our services here in Provence.



Peter Bonde

Communication in all its forms is my passion, be it text, image, technical or person-to-person.

Having spent more than twenty years as a communications architect helping Scandinavian companies increase their success through the right communications, we are now also on hand in Provence to help both you as a business owner and an individual.


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