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Welcome to ComExpert

We are your reliable partner here in Provence when you need help with internet, computer, mobile phone, choice of subscription, WiFi installation, security features etc. We help both individuals and companies, Scandinavian, French as well as others.

We have a long experience in IT and telephony so you can confidently turn to us with all your IT and telephony needs, small and large.

Do you need a better connection to your house, apartment or office? Are you unsure which operator works best for your needs? Do you need to be able to buy computers and other hardware with Nordic keyboards? Are you sure your documents and emails are protected effectively? Do you live in a charming stone house where the WiFi signal doesn’t reach through the walls? Do you find it difficult to discuss technology with French operators? Are you perhaps paying too much for your French operator services? Do you want to be able to work remotely but show your Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish and/or other numbers when you call out? We’ll solve your problems and make sure you get exactly the assistance you need.

In Scandinavia, we’ve been helping companies streamline their communications and save money for around 20 years. In Provence, we have helped both French and Scandinavian-owned companies as well as Nordic, French and other individuals to find the best features and services for their needs.

Contact us in the way you prefer and tell us about your requirements.

Welcome to ComExpert!


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